The Voluntary Life: Investing for Financial Freedom: Two Approaches

22 May 2010

Investing for Financial Freedom: Two Approaches

This episode is a discussion about two different approaches to investment. The first approach comes from Harry Browne's idea of the Permanent Portfolio, which you can find in his book Fail-Safe Investing. The second approach is focussed on investing purely in precious metals as a way to protect your wealth. Both approaches are concerned with investing for financial freedom and protecting your hard earned savings in the context of turbulent economic conditions. Podcast Episode


  1. This was a very enjoyable conversation to listen to. I liked the openmindedness for the "other" approach. (It´s also mine.)
    There was an inquiry for a book recommendation. I have one. I learned a lot from and after several other books still find this one very good:
    Michael Maloney: Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver: Protect Your Financial Future.

  2. Thanks for the book recommendation Heiko!


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