The Voluntary Life: Uncollege: An Interview with Dale Stephens

28 November 2011

Uncollege: An Interview with Dale Stephens

An interview with Dale Stephens, founder of the Uncollege movement. Uncollege represents a revolutionary approach to education: applying the principles of unschooling to higher education. In the interview Dale talks about opportunities to hack your education and go for self-directed learning. He challenges the notion that going to college is the only path to success and identifies the declining value proposition of traditional college education, as well as the potential of an alternative, self-directed approach. Podcast Episode


  1. Fine work Jake! My wife and I really enjoying unschooling our sons, and don't plan to stop once they reach 'school age'. I like tell people "we unschool until the age of 3 or 4, are forced into a box, then provided our curiosity isn't completely crushed, we restart our unschooling at about 25. I certainly didn't learn anything about Austrian economics nor philosophy in school, I tough myself utilizing the vast resources the internet has to offer; I even watched an entire political philosophy course offered for free on YouTube by Open Yale.

    Unschooling is based upon trusting and nourishing an individual's desire to challenge conventional wisdom, schooling is the act of suppressing that desire.


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