The Voluntary Life: Chris Guillebeau on "The $100 Startup"

28 May 2012

Chris Guillebeau on "The $100 Startup"

This episode is a recording of a talk given by Chris Guillebeau about his new book The 100 Dollar Startup. The talk took place in Shoreditch, London on 25th May 2012 and Chris kindly gave permission for me to record it for this podcast.

In the talk, Chris shares some of the stories of the many "solopreneurs" and small business owners that he interviewed for the book, all of whom are using creative self-employment to give themselves more freedom in life.

Podcast Episode


  1. I liked this book. It has 14 chapters that are evenly split into three parts. The first part covers "Freedom," the second part covers "Value," and the third part covers expanding and growing further what has already proven to be a successful microbusiness. Each chapter ends with a "key points" section that highlights the points stressed in the chapter.

    I very much liked the example microbusinesses cited and described in the text. I also very much liked the list of microbusinesses provided in the appendix called "25 selected case studies." What I wasn't particularly crazy about was the author's writing style. He was kind of verbose. He kept harping on freedom, value, freedom, and value. Alright already. I got it the first time. And there was probably too much referencing in the text to other sections in the text. The book would have been better if a point was made and then the author would move on to another point. The way things were written it felt a little circular turning the pages.

  2. Thanks for your comments Canada!

  3. Really liked his opinion that looking for a job is 'risky'. Indeed with 300 applicants for 1 job chances of getting it are very low indeed.


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