The Voluntary Life: Entrepreneurship Part 9: Financing Your Startup

17 May 2012

Entrepreneurship Part 9: Financing Your Startup

How will you finance your startup? This episode presents some thoughts on the issue of financing for entrepreneurs based on my own experience, including:

  • Why bootstrapping your business with revenue finance is the best way to fund your own startup, if you can do it
  • The benefit of having some personal savings and no major financial commitments, if you want to start a business
  • The role that loans can play in funding your venture and how taking out loans for business is a far better use of debt than taking out loans for consumption items
  • Why selling equity in your company (taking investment from VC or others) is ultimately a very expensive way to fund your venture
  • Why Business Development Grants are never "free money" and have serious drawbacks
  • The importance of looking long and hard at whether you really need the money to get going. You probably don't need nearly as much as you think

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