The Voluntary Life: Emigrating in Europe

6 June 2012

Emigrating in Europe

An interview with George, who emigrated from Greece to resettle in the UK. George provides many suggestions that will be relevant for anyone considering emigration, even if you are not in the EU. If you do live in the EU, it is very much worth considering the opportunities of doing what George has done and relocating to a place that might better suit your needs.

Podcast Episode


  1. Really interesting. Thanks for publishing Jake. I wasn't aware bureaucracy was so bad in Greece. I agree the EU is indeed a new opportunity to move within the EU freely. Kudos to George for following his independent mind.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Marc!

  2. I just found this podcast by chance. As a Spanish expat living in Germany, I fully agree with George's opinions. There are several similarities between Greece and Spain. Luckily we could move thanks to the European Union.

    Very good podcasts/blog, congratulations, thank you for being so inspiring.


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