The Voluntary Life: July 2012

24 July 2012

68 Becoming Who You Are Interview Part 1

This is a repost of the latest Becoming Who You Are Podcast, where I was interviewed by the lovely host of BWYA, my partner Hannah.  In Part 1 we talk about how The Voluntary Life began and about feeling free to be yourself in your friendships.

Podcast Episode

23 July 2012

67 Success Is The Best Revenge

This is a short spontaneous speech by Jake taken from the Porc Therapy appearance in last week's show (see episode 66). It is about alternatives to political activism for getting more freedom in your life. I hope you enjoy it!

Podcast Episode

17 July 2012

66 Living Free Now: Porc Therapy Show

This is a repost of an episode of Porc Therapy hosted by Stephanie Murphy that Hannah and I appeared on.
"My friends Jake from The Voluntary Life and Hannah from Becoming Who You Are join me today for this fun podcast-only show where our discussion centers around living free – now! We begin with a PorcFest 2012 wrap up, then talk about connecting over shared values, immigration issues, the Free State Project, civil disobedience and political activism (and our disagreements with both), Jake’s amazing impassioned speech on living free!, intentional communities, permanent tourism and heading south to find freedom, living on a boat, someone who made his own island out of soda bottles, division of labor/going “off the grid,” and Leonid Rogozov’s famous self-appendectomy."

Podcast Episode

16 July 2012

65 A Review of The Virtue Of Selfishness By Ayn Rand

This episode is a review of "The Virtue of Selfishness" by Ayn Rand. It is a group discussion and the guests include Stephanie Murphy from Porc Therapy, freelance writer Greg Minton, George the expat auditor (from episodes 58 and 59and other friends. Here are some of the things we cover in the discussion:

  • The book's gutsy title and the controversy surrounding it.
  • The pros and cons of Ayn Rand's morality and her own moralising.
  • Aspects of the book we found unconvincing, such as her dismissal of voluntaryism and her idea that no conflict of interest is possible between rational people. 
  • Rand's convincing takedown of ethical lifeboat scenarios.
  • The fact that Ayn Rand is ignored in universities.
  • The impact that some of Ayn Rand's contradictions (on intellectual property and on non-aggression) have had on the objectivist movement's development, especially it's pro-war stance on foreign policy.
  • Her deconstruction of other moral theories that were around during her time.
  • Plus, we have a lot of fun talking about her strange views on tapdancing and morality!

Podcast Episode

11 July 2012

64 What They Don't Teach at School Part 2

This episode is a continuation of the discussion I had with Brett Veinotte about how entrepreneurship is not taught at school and why. It was recorded live for the  School Sucks Podcast at Porcfest. We talk about why it is that teachers are usually the last people who you would expect to learn entrepreneurship from and what you can do to learn it yourself. Sorry about the audio quality, it is a little choppy but still listenable.

Podcast Episode

10 July 2012

63 What They Don't Teach at School: Discussion With Brett Veinotte of School Sucks

This episode is part of a discussion that I had with Brett Veinotte from School Sucks Podcast at Porcfest. Brett and I talked about how entrepreneurship is totally alien to compulsory schooling. School prepares you for a life of working for someone else, whereas goals like working for yourself, growing a business and obtaining financial freedom are never discussed. We discuss things that you can do to overcome the conformity that school sets you up for, such as starting a business as young as possible (even whilst at school) and working to become financially independent of your parents as soon as possible. Here is a video of the full presentation, which you can also hear on Brett's podcast for the full discussion.

Podcast Episode

2 July 2012

62 What You Can Do To Live Free: Porc Therapy Interview

This episode is an interview that Jake did on the Porc Therapy Podcast, recorded live at Porcfest 2012. In the interview, Jake talks about some of the things you can do to live more freely whatever society or economy you find yourself in, such as investing in friendships and living abroad.

Podcast Episode