The Voluntary Life: 71 Computer Security and Privacy For Everyone

15 August 2012

71 Computer Security and Privacy For Everyone

This episode is an interview with Kristov, an application security specialist, about what kind of measures individuals can take to ensure a level of security and privacy for their computers and their online life. In the interview, we cover security and privacy for a range of topics including:

  • email use
  • web browsing
  • malware and viruses
  • password managers
  • data storage 
  • use of torrents
  • VOIP and chat
  • application security for entrepreneurs


  1. This was interesting for me. Never heard from a 'password manager', sounds great :) thanks for the valuable info.

  2. Talking about security overhead, I noticed I have to fill in a check up wordgenerator everytime I post a comment. Would it be possible to disable this?

  3. For those who are interested, Kristov has heard good things about for a password manager, installed it yesterday and I like :)


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