The Voluntary Life: January 2013

23 January 2013

93 About The Voluntary Life Part 2: Empowerment

Part 2 in the short series of podcasts about The Voluntary Life. This episode is all about the podcast itself.

  • The podcast comes out once per week and is a mix of solo-casts and interviews. Some topics are covered in more detail as a series, like the entrepreneurship series.
  • The aim of the podcast is personal freedom empowerment: providing ideas for finding the maximum freedom in your own life, within an unfree world.
  • The podcast always takes a constructive approach: the angle on any topic is- what can you do to maximise your freedom in this area of life? 
  • All the topics are about things that are actionable and personally relevant at an individual level.
  • The podcast aims to explore the approach of living a free and voluntary life across all aspects of life (work, personal relationships, finances etc).
  • We showcase examples of voluntary living through interviews with people who have maximised their freedom in a particular aspects of life.
  • I'd love to hear your thoughts about what the opportunities are for expanding the show in the future. I'm interested in developing opportunities for listeners to connect with one another and create more of a community, perhaps online or perhaps with physical meet ups. I look forward to your thoughts!

Podcast Episode

18 January 2013

92 About The Voluntary Life Part 1: More Free Is More Alive

The first in a series of podcasts introducing The Voluntary Life, both as a concept and as a podcast. This episode explains the concept of living a 'voluntary life', which is a life lived according to the principle of free choice. The extent to which we have the freedom to make our own choices about our lives (and to respect the free choices of others) is the extent to which we are leading the voluntary life. This concept applies across aspects of life, as diverse as freedom at work, financial freedom, freedom in personal relationships and psychological freedom.
The following principles underpin the concept of living a voluntary life:

  • Voluntary living is the highest expression of individuation possible. The deepest experience of being alive comes from our ability to express our personality and individuality in our free choices. The more free you are, the more alive you are.
  • Voluntary living is the only truly moral way to live. A voluntary life is one lived in accordance with the Non-Agression Principle, which is the fundamental moral framework from which all valid morality is derived.
  • Voluntary interaction is responsible for all the greatest achievements of humanity. Peaceful co-operation of individuals through trade and entrepreneurship has given us all the enlightenment, technological progress, economic development and civilisation (in the best sense of the word) that we now enjoy.
  • The voluntary life must start from the individual and his or her own choices. You have to be the change you want to see in the world. This is why the show is called "the voluntary life" and not "the voluntary society". 
Podcast Episode

10 January 2013

91 Entrepreneurship Part 12: JFDI

A podcast about how to overcome indecision, paralysis and procrastination about entrepreneurship and JFDI (Just Fucking Do It). There are some objective hinderances to creating and running a business, especially if you have other major commitments in your life that you need to focus on first. However, often the battle is really an internal psychological one. How do you get into the mindset of being able to JFDI? This episode contains some suggestions about giving yourself permission:

  • Permission to fail
  • Permission to be imperfect
  • Permission to piss people off
  • Permission to succeed

Listen to the podcast to find out more.

Podcast episode