The Voluntary Life: February 2013

25 February 2013

98 Entrepreneurship Part 15: Scaling Your Business

An episode on how to scale and optimise your business to make more profit and enhance your competitive advantage. The issues covered include:
  • Standardisation: making one version of what you do
  • Proceduralisation: making one version of how you do it
  • Optimisation: speeding up and automating your procedures
  • Knowledge Capture: maintaining and growing your operation within the context of staff coming and going
  • Optimising at the level of the whole business: only doing the things that it makes sense to do

18 February 2013

97 Entrepreneurship Part 14: Employing People

This episode is about employing people as an entrepreneur. Topics covered include:

  • The destructive legacy of the reward and punishment paradigm from school
  • Why pay isn't as important as you think
  • The importance purpose, mastery and autonomy in motivation
  • The problem with relying on interviews for hiring and alternative ways of finding great people
  • The value of freelancers or independent contractors
  • What employing people teaches you about taking responsibility for your side of a relationship and how it deepens your respect for individuality

Show Notes:
Dan Pink Talk on Motivation
Discipline Without Punishment by Dick Grote
Gifts Differing: Understanding Personality Type by Isabel Briggs Myers

Podcast Episode

11 February 2013

96 Entrepreneurship Part 13: IP Is Bad For Business

An episode about the problems with Intellectual Property, from the perspective of an entrepreneur. I started off thinking that IP is an integral and necessary part of entrepreneurship. I thought that it would be very important for my business.  I have now come to see IP law as something that:

  • prevents innovation,
  • is immoral,
  • promotes conflict,
  • diverts resources to unproductive uses
  • and is ultimately unnecessary for making money from ideas.

Show Notes:
Against Intellectual Monopoly by Boldrin and Levine
Article about the Shopping Cart case
Against Intellectual Property by Kinsella

Podcast Episode

4 February 2013

95 Judd Weiss on Business Relationships Part 2

Part 2 of an interview with entrepreneur Judd Weiss, talking about business relationships. In this episode Judd talks about:
  • The pitfalls of employing people
  • The benefits of partnering or affiliate relationships
  • How to create awesome relationships with clients

Podcast Episode

1 February 2013

94 Judd Weiss On Business Relationships Part 1

Part 1 of an interview with entrepreneur Judd Weiss, talking about business relationships. In this episode Judd shares his thoughts and experiences about how he approaches working relationships in general and what he thinks about  the question of going into business with others.
  • Should friends go into business together?
  • What makes a good business partnership?
  • Why do so many business partnerships go so badly wrong?
Find out in this episode.

Podcast Episode