The Voluntary Life: 101 How To Dream Big

30 March 2013

101 How To Dream Big

An episode about how to use goals and visions to move forward in creating the life you want.

Show Notes:
Previous Episode on GTD
Getting Things Done by David Allen

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  1. I think that personal OPSEC is critical for the fruition of personal big dreams. Your parents or siblings may be untrustworthy assholes who ought to be fed disinformation. So-called friends may be suspect, too. Even if they are sympathetic, they may be blabbermouths. If so, they also can't be told the truth, in part or in whole.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this K

  2. I enjoyed listening to this episode (a few times.) You mentioned talking in the future about more long-range vision planning. I'd be extremely interested in hearing your advice on this. I'm a planner and goal setter and am very familiar with GTD. My problem is I have TOO many long-term goals. I want to do everything, go everywhere, and learn everything about life. I have lots of interests and they are each massively broad categories like "culture", "civilizations", "philosophy", etc. So, count my vote for a podcast on this topic.


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