The Voluntary Life: 103 Everything You Need To Make Long Term Travel Easy

10 April 2013

103 Everything You Need To Make Long Term Travel Easy

It has never been easier to live and work abroad. If you are self-employed and work online there is nothing to stop you. Why nor sublet your apartment for a few months and live abroad in a fascinating (and potentially cheap) destination? Here is a list of all the things that make long term travel super easy:

  • Have your home post rerouted to friend (or commercial service) who scans it into a Dropbox account for you. If a friend does it, buy them a multi-page scanner for this.
  • Get a professional agent to manage the sublet of your apartment back home
  • AirBnB for renting longer term accommodation (especially for whole apartments)
  • TripAdvisor for short term hotel stays
  • Cloud services for file storage (e.g. dropbox, google drive)
  • Clound services for backup (e.g. Crashplan or Backblaze)
  • A small scanner app on your smartphone for scanning any paper you need to keep (receipts etc) when abroad
  • Get your online banking set up for all the transaction types you will need to do
  • Get your Credit/Debit cards set for use abroad
  • A password manager (e.g. LastPass, 1Password) for your online passwords
  • An E reader (e.g. a kindle, iPad) to enable you to read as many books as you want while you are away
  • A lightweight laptop for your work
  • A Smartphone with a nice camera for taking pictures and getting online
  • An external encrypted drive for local storage/backup
  • International plugs for all your devices
Please do post your own ideas for things that make long term travel easy in the comments.


  1. The one cloud storage option I might add is Mega, Kim DotCom's latest venture and successor to the seized & destroyed MegaUpload. It uses 128 bit encryption so files you dl from there (say, sensitive bank documents or other valuable information) stays secure over unknown IP networks and wifi

  2. Research the destinations and how the travel will be done before going on the trip.

  3. Dear Jake
    I love your blog. You mentioned that you are staying in Puerto Escondido Mexico. Do you like it? May I ask for a rental recommendation? Is it safe? I am thinking of spending the next winter in Mexico. I spent last winter in Merida and loved it. Thanks

    1. Thanks Wesley! PE was great. I don't have specific accommodation recommendations but I do recommend checking out AirBnB- there are loads of places in PE on there.


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