The Voluntary Life: 127 Porc Therapy Interview: Quitting The Rat Race- In Depth!

26 September 2013

127 Porc Therapy Interview: Quitting The Rat Race- In Depth!

This episode is from a recent interview that I did for the Porc Therapy podcast. The interviewer is my friend Stephanie Murphy. We talk about different strategies to escape the rat race, including unjobbing, intensive saving, passive income businesses and selling a business. The discussion focusses on some questions about pursuing financial freedom, including:

  • What is financial freedom?
  • College- is it worth it?
  • Does having kids make financial freedom impossible?
  • How does becoming a stay-at-home parent fit into the idea of quitting the rat race?
  • Is "voluntary poverty" a viable strategy for financial freedom?
  • Do you have to be a sleaze to start a passive income business?
  • What's the role of Bitcoin in an investment strategy like the Permanent Portfolio?
  • Why doesn't the Permanent Portfolio contain silver?
  • How do intensive savers do it?

Show Notes:
Episode 124 (Original Talk on Four Ways To Quit The Rat Race)
Harry Browne's book on the Permanent Portfolio
Early Retirement Extreme blog and book
Mr Money Moustache

Podcast Episode 127


  1. On taking a voluntary vow of poverty ... I think its important to draw a distinction between being poor and being frugal. Stephanie, your friend who mentioned she did not feel free when she was poor- that is absolutely correct. You are stuck where you are because there are no resources to leverage, to change the circumstances. But I don't believe it is equivalent to a vow of poverty, in the circumstance you two are discussing it, where a person is choosing to live frugally and reroute their resources into future gains. That person can choose to change how they're utilizing resources to adapt their situation, they are free.


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