The Voluntary Life: 128 Be More Expansive Than Your Expertise: An Interview With Elliott Hulse

4 October 2013

128 Be More Expansive Than Your Expertise: An Interview With Elliott Hulse

This episode is an interview with strength trainer and youtube personality Elliott Hulse. In the interview Elliot talks about his approach to getting freedom by creating a non-job. Topics covered include:

  • Growing up rebellious
  • What it means to have a non job
  • Sharing your ideas, even though you suck at first
  • How to finance the early days of your non job
  • Perseverance
  • What to do if there is not much demand for what you are passionate about
  • Being more expansive than your expertise
Show Notes
Elliott's Youtube channel and Facebook Page
Campaign For Non Jobs Website
Previous TVL episodes on Unjobbing

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  1. "People come to you for your expertise, but they stay with you because of the character or the personality that's presenting it."

    Wow, that is so insightful! It explains a lot about the half-hearted success of my own websites, which are informative but bland. They attract those who seek the information and are grateful for it, but a community never develops around them. Contrast that with a site like MrMoneyMustache that is packed with attitude. It has a huge regular following, and attracts an enormous discussion around every post.

    I'm going to make some serious changes to the way I present my online work.

    1. Thanks Roger! I also thought that was a brilliant insight from Elliott. Great to hear that it has inspired you.

  2. Awesome stuff. Elliot is so inspiring.
    I felt like a kid seing two of his favorite favorite characters in a crossover episode.


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