The Voluntary Life: December 2013

26 December 2013

138 Open-Source Money Part 2

Part two of an in-depth discussion about Bitcoin with Stephanie Murphy, co-host of Let's Talk Bitcoin. Topics covered include:
  • The skewed ownership of Bitcoin: is it a problem?
  • Bitcoin and holding assets outside your own country
  • More on Bitcoin vs Gold
  • Bitcoin price volatility: experiences and techniques for planning around it
  • Bitshares and other advanced possibilities with Bitcoin
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20 December 2013

137 Open-Source Money: All About Bitcoin With Stephanie Murphy

Episode 137

An interview with Stephanie Murphy looking in-depth at Bitcoin. Stephanie is co-host of the Let's Talk Bitcoin podcast. Topics covered in the interview include:
  • An overview of what has happened to Bitcoin in 2013
  • Bitcoin as open-source money
  • Does it matter that Bitcoin is "not backed by anything"?
  • Deflationary currency: are people "hoarding" bitcoins, or simply "saving" with them?
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15 December 2013

136 Your Purpose In Life

This episode is about identifying your purpose in life. Topics covered include:

  • The concept of Horizons of Focus used in David Allen's "Getting Things Done"
  • How to manifest your life's purpose in every action that you do. 
  • Identifying and addressing gaps in your integrity
  • Identifying the level of integrity shown by other people in your life. 

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