The Voluntary Life: 135 How Much Is Enough?

5 December 2013

135 How Much Is Enough?


  1. I think your friend Peter had it right when he originally planned to retire at when he accumulated a million pounds. You can retire anywhere in the world on investments of a million pounds, provided you own your home or have additional investments of 300 times your monthly rent.

    Did you ever ask Peter what changed his mind about retiring at a million?

    To me, the most important question is not "how much is enough", but "how much is too much". I have observed many rich people who, no matter how much they have, desperately want more. So often, there is personal unhappiness mixed in. Here's a news story about Australia's richest family, who are constantly bickering and suing each other despite each having more than a thousand million dollars:

    At the same time, some of the happiest people I know are not wealthy at all. But they are not living in squalor scrounging on welfare benefits; they are living within their means, from their own productivity, and with opportunities open to them.

  2. My 300xMonthly Expenses is a big number and challenging as it would take 16 years of playing defense to reach it and I'm sure the needed amount could easily creep upwards. Something to think about. Enjoyed this. Thanks.


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