The Voluntary Life: 136 Your Purpose In Life

15 December 2013

136 Your Purpose In Life

This episode is about identifying your purpose in life. Topics covered include:

  • The concept of Horizons of Focus used in David Allen's "Getting Things Done"
  • How to manifest your life's purpose in every action that you do. 
  • Identifying and addressing gaps in your integrity
  • Identifying the level of integrity shown by other people in your life. 

Show Notes:

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  1. Hi Jake,

    I really enjoy your podcast series, especially the latest episode (Your Purpose in Life), along with the connecting episode "How to Dream Big". I am currently trying to live a voluntary life and build a future for myself and my family, however I have been running into some issues that seem to threaten everything I try to construct in terms of a vision for the future. I wanted to get your thoughts on this. How do you reconcile your larger goals with emerging external dangers the pose a threat to those goals?

    For instance, the triple nuclear reactor meltdown in Fukushima Japan is now being called by mainstream scientists as a possible "extinction-level-event", and the Pacific Ocean now appears to be dying from the radioactive plume that is now being dumped into the ocean and the airstream. This seems to be a massive threat to something like a vision board of the future.

    Other events include the current collapsing global economy, fiat currency wars, the current middle east chaos and the apparent 3rd world war that seems to be on the doorstep.

    How do you realistically manage your goals with situations such as this emerging all around us, and maintain a positive clear focus of what you are trying to achieve? Do you choose to shield your mind from these situations that you have no control over, or do you let them into your perception and use some sort of filter mechanism to decide whether you allow it to affect you and your goals?

    Very interested in how you deal with issues such as this. Might make for a good podcast episode.


    1. Thanks for the feedback Eric!

      I think this could be an interesting topic for a podcast, but here is a short summary in the meantime:

      I find it extremely helpful to go on a media diet. I don't watch the news and I don't own a tv. I just download the programmes that I like. I don't read newspapers. This is not because I want to pretend that things are not happening, it's because I am highly sceptical of the mainstream media and I have noticed that watching news as it unfolds is usually useless to me. There is very little that I can do with the information and 99% of the mainstream media crises turn out to be nothing. Examples of media scares that were nothing: swine flu, CJD, Y2K etc etc.

      I do think about risks to the future that I can mitigate in some way. For example, you mentioned the risk of fiat currencies. I can control that risk by owning some precious metals and bitcoin. I can control some risks to my own health by staying fit etc. I ignore risks that I can't control because there is no point in worrying about it if you can't do anything about it.

      For each concern I have about the world, I look at how it can be turned into something actionable for me personally. For example, you mentioned your concern about war in future. If this is a significant concern, you might think about working towards a future where you and your family are "location independent"- able to move countries easily and live wherever you want. That would be a way to turn that concern into something actionable for yourself.

      What do you think?

      All the best,



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