The Voluntary Life: 141 No More Waiting For The Epic Fairy

26 January 2014

141 No More Waiting For The Epic Fairy

"Most people think that they need to be tapped on the shoulder by the Epic Fairy if they ever hope to be epic, or if they're ever going to have the audacity to do something truly epic. But it's not true. Want to be epic? Just do epic shit. There's nothing else to it." Johnny Truant

An episode about ideas to help you make a habit of doing epic things.

Show Notes:
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  1. My father kept track of his expected remaining days. It's not as morbid as it sounds, because of how the statistics work.

    As you get older, your expected age of death increases. That's because you have already survived some of the risks to your life. For example, the average life expectancy at birth might be 80 years, but those aged 30 might expect to live until 85, i.e. a further 55 years. Those who have survived to 60 might expect to live until 90. And even those who are 95 can expect to live (on average) a few more years.

    So every year you can re-calibrate your "remaining days" clock, to put it a little further into the future!

    On the other hand, when my father did eventually die, he still had 4 years on his clock (and a full set of plans for those four years too). Who would want to have it any other way?


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