The Voluntary Life: February 2014

26 February 2014

144 Win-Win Negotiation Part 1: Communication

Part 1 of a series on win-win negotiation. This episode covers communication as an integral part of negotiation. Jake highlights some useful techniques from psychology to help you communicate productively in negotiations.

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7 February 2014

143 Breaking From Your Parents: Interview With Daniel Mackler

An interview with Daniel Mackler about his new book Breaking From Your Parents. Daniel talks about why he chose to tackle this taboo subject, based on his own personal experience and that of many others. The interview was recorded in January 2014, and the book has since been released. 

Show Notes:
Breaking from Your Parents ebook by Daniel Mackler 
Daniel's videos on confronting your parents Part 1 and part 2 

1 February 2014

142 Extraordinary Time: An Interview With Augusto Pinaud

An interview with Augusto Pinaud about the concept of Extrodinary Time. Augusto is the author of 10 books including 25 Tips for Productivity. In this episode he explains his technique of devoting dedicated time to working on extraordinary challenges. He provides inspiring suggestions for how to push yourself beyond the comfort zone of doing good work and get to truly great work.

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