The Voluntary Life: 148 Mental Decluttering

31 March 2014

148 Mental Decluttering

This episode is about freeing your mind by decluttering all your mental baggage on a regular basis. Topic covered include:
  • The benefits of going on an information and media diet
  • The importance of having a trusted system for how to declutter your mind and control the information buildup around you.
  • The role of a weekly clear-out, as part of a weekly review 
  • Applying the "inbox-zero" approach beyond email to digital inboxes, physical inboxes, social inboxes, and life in general.
Show Notes

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  1. I'm skeptical of inbox zero because it just seems like it's just cluttering the trash folder instead of cluttering both the trash and inbox folders. In other words it's like setting your email client to download all emails straight to the trash folder instead of the inbox.


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