The Voluntary Life: April 2014

25 April 2014

152 Your Own Moral Compass Part 2

Part two in a series on developing your own independent moral compass. Four criteria are outlined that can be used to assess whether any law or rule of behaviour is moral. The criteria discussed are:
  1. Enables conflict avoidance regarding scarce resources
  2. Universal
  3. Logically coherent
  4. Actions always speak louder than words (any rule can't involve a so-called performative contradiction)
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17 April 2014

151 Your Own Moral Compass

An episode about developing your own independent moral compass. Topics covered:

  • The huge influence of morality and moral arguments.
  • Examples of different approaches to morality.
  • The real purpose of shared moral rules.
  • The benefits of developing your own moral compass.

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14 April 2014

150 Becoming an Entrepreneur

An episode about my new book Becoming an Entrepreneur: How to Find Freedom and Fulfillment as a Business Owner. Topics covered include:

  • First reviews of the book from readers. 
  • What the book is about and why I wrote it. 
  • The process of writing and self-publishing, including my struggles along the way. 
  • My experiment in crowdsourcing feedback with "beta-readers" from TVL listeners. 
  • Future plans. 

If you would like to review the book on Amazon, or your blog, or your podcast, or anywhere visible, I will happily give you a review copy. Just write to me at jake [at] thevoluntarylife [dot] com and ask for a review copy.

Show Notes:

4 April 2014

149 Career Breaks and Travel: Interview with Pete Blacow

Pete Blacow has taken two career breaks to travel the world. In this episode he shares his experience of long-term travel and taking time out from working. Topics covered include the practical issues of taking a career break, the pros and cons of long-term travel, and Pete's recommendations for anyone interested in travelling the world.

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