The Voluntary Life: July 2014

30 July 2014

166 Retired at 33: Interview with Justin from Root of Good

Justin retired at the age of 33. He writes about his journey to financial independence on his blog Root of Good. In this interview, he discusses his path to financial independence from intensive saving. Topics covered include:

  • Saving all salary increases and avoiding lifestyle inflation
  • Cost-effective housing, transport and food choices
  • The importance of having agreement with your spouse towards your financial goals
  • Children and financial independence

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23 July 2014

165 Radical Personal Finance Interview: The Positive Power of Entrepreneurship

Joshua from Radical Personal Finance Podcast invited me on his show to talk about entrepreneurship. We talked about learning entrepreneurial skills, voluntary versus compulsory education, the importance of selling in life, the ethical nature of business, and the positive power of entrepreneurship.

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17 July 2014

164 We Plan To Retire At 30: Interview with Mike and Lauren

Mike and Lauren have average-income jobs, no big inheritance or bonuses, and they plan to retire at the age of 30. They share all the facts about their journey to financial independence on their youtube channel. In this interview, they talk about the practicalities of intensive saving, the challenges of making unconventional life choices, and their dream to sail around the world.

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9 July 2014

163 Thinking Like An Entrepreneur: Discussion With Jeffrey Tucker

Jeffrey Tucker interviewed me about my book Becoming an Entrepreneur. We discuss how to think like an entrepreneur and the amazing potential of entrepreneurship, both for personal growth and for a better world. Jeffrey is the founder and Chief Liberty Officer of, Distinguished Fellow of FEE, head of, and founder of

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5 July 2014

162 Spend Little, Save More, Travel the World: Interview with Go Curry Cracker

This episode is an interview with Jeremy and Winnie, authors of the blog Go Curry Cracker. In the interview, Jeremy and Winnie share their inspiring journey to financial independence through intensive saving. They describe the lifestyle choices that enabled them to retire early in their 30s and travel the world.

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