The Voluntary Life: January 2015

26 January 2015

191 Task Management

Whatever you want to get done in life, a task management app is the most valuable productivity tool that I can recommend to help you. In this episode, I explain what a task management app is and outline why it is so useful. I provide examples of how I use a task management app to help reach my goals, as well as some tips for power users. Topics covered include:

  • Origins of task management apps and some current examples
  • The benefits of a task management app over simple "to do" lists.
  • The inefficiency of switching tasks and the value of focussed work
  • How to use an app to create well-defined tasks that are easier to complete
  • The power of filtering your commitments by context
  • The value of checklists and how a task manager can store them
  • creating your own "perspectives" on tasks
  • The most valuable feature to look for in a task management app: filtering by availability

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19 January 2015

190 Out Of The Box Interview: Minimalism, Financial Freedom, And More! With Rosie Tran

Comedian Rosie Tran interviews entrepreneur, financial freedom advocate, and author of Becoming an Entrepreneur, Jake Desyllas. They discuss the psychology behind financial freedom and the baggage that many people have associated with money, the importance of being on the same page as your significant other, and why less is always more! Great tips on breaking out of the employee mindset and becoming a free thinker!

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Out Of The Box Podcast

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11 January 2015

189 Envy: A Theory Of Social Behaviour By Helmut Schoek

Why are "haters gonna hate"? This episode is a review of a fascinating book called Envy: A Theory of Social Behaviour by Helmut Schoek. Here are some of ideas that are discussed in the review:
  • What envy is and how it differs from jealousy or a desire to emulate
  • The key feature of envy being strongest where status differences are small 
  • Why envy exists in every society and why it could never be completely eliminated
  • Why envy is camouflaged 
  • The link between envy and irrational thinking
  • Schoeck's theory of why envy exists and how it might have some positive role (as well as being highly destructive)
  • You can cure yourself of envious feelings by turning it into creativity instead of destructiveness
  • Why you must never let haters stop you from doing something wonderful
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Envy: A Theory Of Social Behaviour By Helmut Schoeck

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