The Voluntary Life: 197 Resisting Conformity: A Discussion With Brett Veinotte

8 March 2015

197 Resisting Conformity: A Discussion With Brett Veinotte

Brett Veinotte is an educator and host of School Sucks Podcast. This week I had an interesting discussion with Brett about the power of conformity and how to resist it. Topics covered include:
  • How conformity to "normal" spending habits prevents people achieving financial independence 
  • Solomon Asch's conformity experiments and what we can learn from them 
  • How conformity can alter your perception 
  • The importance of allies in resisting conformity 
  • The role of privacy in reducing conformity 
  • The danger of conforming to a subculture (and still being a conformist) 
  • How exposure to different views can increase your independence of thought 
Show Notes:

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  1. Maybe the conformity was a defence against possible envy, by people who didn't want to stick out as being the one "smart alek" who guessed the length of the line correctly when everyone else got it wrong.

    (I haven't finished reading the envy book yet, but so far it's fascinating.)


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