The Voluntary Life: 199 Car Free

23 March 2015

199 Car Free

Is owning a car really worth it? This episode is about the financial and lifestyle benefits of deliberately choosing not to own a car (I'm in my early 40s and I've never owned one). Topics covered include:

  • Why owning a car is often a waste of money
  • The health and lifestyle benefits of living car free, especially walking and cycling
  • Alternatives to car ownership including car clubs, peer-to-peer transport (e.g. Uber and Lyft), public transport
  • The problem of car dependency and why it exists
  • Challenges of not owning a car
  • Suggestions for how to live car free

Show Notes:

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  1. Thanks Jake for this great episode. Going car-free with a child is indeed more challenging, and I haven't managed it yet. The closer I get, the more absurd our family car seems; it gets used maybe twice a week, just sitting there doing nothing in the interim. I think the key would be a multi-person bicycle or cargo bike or something. It's easy enough to walk with a small child in a stroller, but that's certainly not very fast; to go longer distances and do errands like food shopping as a family, the bicycle would be a better bet.


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