The Voluntary Life: 200 Quantified Self

30 March 2015

200 Quantified Self

This episode is about the growing use of technology to automatically collect and analyse data about your life. I share some examples of my own automated tracking of health and productivity data. I'm using various apps to analyse the data in the background and compile all the results into an automated, objective journal. It's getting easier all the time to quantify your life with minimal effort.  Doing so can give you objective data and meaningful analysis about whatever matters to you. This can help you to live a more conscious and fulfilled life.

Show Notes:

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  1. Jake, i thought i was obsessed, but this... I'm also a big mind-map maker, and used to be a note taker.
    Did you also do this while in business, or only when you started having more free time? I know you advocate for a control system in your book.

    I think many of these obsessions are about dealing with the anxiety relating to uncertainty.


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