The Voluntary Life: April 2015

26 April 2015

202 Self-Deception

In this episode, I share two theories from social psychology about why we sometimes lie to ourselves and fool ourselves, as well as suggestions for overcoming these tendencies. I describe some of my own approaches to overcoming self-deception by getting objective data about my life.  In order to gain self-knowledge, you have to reduce the gap between what you think about yourself and reality. Although this is often an uncomfortable process, the truth is always liberating.

Show Notes

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7 April 2015

201 Tools And Systems for Independent Learning

In this week's episode I'm sharing my own tools and systems for independent learning. These are the hacks that I use to be proactive about independent learning, rather than being an uncritical consumer of ideas. Topics covered include:

  • Making objectives for your learning and capturing them in Evernote
  • Coping with the information firehose
  • Filtering your search for learning materials using reading lists and subject tagging in Pocket app.
  • Capturing learning resources in databases using apps like Calibre and Evernote
  • Effective note taking with mind maps, highlights and written notes
  • Critical thinking
  • Habits to support learning
  • Automating parts of your learning system

Show Notes:

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