The Voluntary Life: 201 Tools And Systems for Independent Learning

7 April 2015

201 Tools And Systems for Independent Learning

In this week's episode I'm sharing my own tools and systems for independent learning. These are the hacks that I use to be proactive about independent learning, rather than being an uncritical consumer of ideas. Topics covered include:

  • Making objectives for your learning and capturing them in Evernote
  • Coping with the information firehose
  • Filtering your search for learning materials using reading lists and subject tagging in Pocket app.
  • Capturing learning resources in databases using apps like Calibre and Evernote
  • Effective note taking with mind maps, highlights and written notes
  • Critical thinking
  • Habits to support learning
  • Automating parts of your learning system

Show Notes:

Listen to Episode 201 (23 mins)