The Voluntary Life: June 2015

30 June 2015

211 How To Think For Yourself Part 1: Introduction To Truth And Certainty

You can't be free unless you can think for yourself. If someone else is doing your thinking for you, then it's not your life that you are living.

When you know how to think of yourself, you cannot be controlled or manipulated. Your life is truly in your hands and is up to you what you do with it.

This episode is part one of a new series on how to think for yourself. This episode introduces the two biggest problems you have to overcome if you want to think for yourself:

  1. How can you tell truth from falsehood? 
  2. How do you know what you can be certain of? 

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21 June 2015

210 Tax Strategies And Financial Freedom Part 2 (Interview With Joshua Sheats)

This week's episode is part two of an interview with Joshua Sheats, host of the Radical Personal Finance podcast. Joshua shares his insights on tax strategies for those pursuing financial freedom. In part one of the interview (last week's episode), we covered tax strategies for employees. In this episode, we discuss tax strategies for entrepreneurs. Joshua describes his own experience developing a lifestyle business and the tax advantages that this provides.

Show Notes:
  • Radical Personal Finance Podcast
  • As always, it's up to you what you do with your money. I'm not a financial advisor and you will need to do your own research.
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14 June 2015

209 Tax Strategies And Financial Freedom Part 1 (Interview With Joshua Sheats)

Tax is the biggest expense category for most people. It is crucial for everyone interested in financial freedom to understand tax and develop a tax strategy. Yet many of the leading books on financial independence hardly mention tax. In this interview, Joshua Sheats provides a wealth of insights on this topic.

Joshua trained as a financial planner and now runs the Radical Personal Finance podcast. In part one of the interview (this episode), Joshua discusses tax strategies for employees. In part two (next week), we discuss tax strategies for entrepreneurs.

Show Notes:
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9 June 2015

208 Creating Purpose, Structure, And Community Outside A Job

If you want to quit your job to pursue a more freedom-oriented lifestyle (such as entrepreneurship), there are many challenges to overcome. Some challenges are practical, such as replacing the job income that you no longer have. This episode is about the psychological challenges. Even an unfulfilling job has a psychological "pull" that is easy to take for granted because it provides:

  • A sense of purpose 
  • Structure for your life 
  • A ready-made community 

Part of the fear that many people feel about quitting their jobs relates to losing the sense of purpose, structure, and community that comes from a job. To live job-free, you have to create your own sense of purpose, your own structure for life, and your own community. You can hear more about this topic in the podcast episode.

Show Notes:

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2 June 2015

207 Who Will Buy Your Business?

If you are an entrepreneur, you might want to sell your business one day (or at least have that option). There are many issues to tackle in order to make selling a real possibility. For one thing, you need to identify a potential buyer.

This podcast episode provides an overview of the two main groups of potential buyers: strategic and financial. I suggest some issues to consider when looking for each kind of buyer and I explain why I would always prefer a strategic buyer.

Show Notes:
Finish Big: How Great Entrepreneurs Exit Their Companies on Top by Bo Burlingham

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