The Voluntary Life: 208 Creating Purpose, Structure, And Community Outside A Job

9 June 2015

208 Creating Purpose, Structure, And Community Outside A Job

If you want to quit your job to pursue a more freedom-oriented lifestyle (such as entrepreneurship), there are many challenges to overcome. Some challenges are practical, such as replacing the job income that you no longer have. This episode is about the psychological challenges. Even an unfulfilling job has a psychological "pull" that is easy to take for granted because it provides:

  • A sense of purpose 
  • Structure for your life 
  • A ready-made community 

Part of the fear that many people feel about quitting their jobs relates to losing the sense of purpose, structure, and community that comes from a job. To live job-free, you have to create your own sense of purpose, your own structure for life, and your own community. You can hear more about this topic in the podcast episode.

Show Notes:

Listen to Episode 208 (12 mins)


  1. Hi Jake, this is helpful feedback. Creating structure outside of the 8-5 job in pursuit of starting my own business is challenging. I often wish I could duplicate myself because at the end of the day by the time I get home, exercise, have dinner with my family and get ready for the next day etc. there's only a handful of hours to work on pursuing my venture.

    How did you deal with this and do you have any suggestions?

    Thanks, Michael

    1. Thanks Michael! It's a big question- ultimately all the episodes I do on productivity are about how I deal with this and are aimed at helping with this. The productivity episodes are listed here

      All the best,


    2. Thanks Jake!


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