The Voluntary Life: 218 Choosing A Job-Free Lifestyle

26 August 2015

218 Choosing A Job-Free Lifestyle

In many previous episodes of this podcast, I've explored different ways to live a job-free lifestyle. I've interviewed extreme savers, unjobbers, lifestyle entrepreneurs, and startup entrepreneurs. Many listeners have raised an important question about these lifestyles: how do you choose between these different strategies for quitting the rat race? How do you decide which job-free lifestyle you want to pursue for yourself? This week's episode discusses this question and provides suggestions for how to choose a job-free lifestyle.

Show Notes

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  1. Hi Jake, great post! I'm pursuing financial independence via "extreme saving." One caveat I'd like to add is that highly compensated professionals can pursue this method rather painlessly. Im an attorney and my husband is a corporate strategist (dont ask me what that is). My husband and I earn about $400k (US) with bonuses. We save 50% of our gross pay each year (60% net). We also pay 33% income tax. We should reach our goal in about 8 years. That's low risk, high reward in my book. I'd also add that so long as one pays student loans off quickly, avoids consumer debt, and pays off their home quickly (if they have a mortgages), their remaining expenses will be a relatively small portion of their take-home pay, allowing them to save an "extreme" amount without living a life of austerity. I'd argue that once one's household income exceeds $100k and they pay off existing debt, 50%+ savings rates are painless. Thus, this is a great option for highly compensated professionals.

    1. Thanks Fallon. I agree completely, which makes it doubly crazy that more highly paid people don't do what you and your husband are doing. Interestingly, Thomas J. Stanley's research showed that, among high-earning occupations, lawyers are one of the least efficient at converting income into net worth. Congrats on being an unusual attorney!


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