The Voluntary Life: 219 How To Do A Monthly Financial Review

4 September 2015

219 How To Do A Monthly Financial Review

It took me a long time to work out how to stay on top of my finances. After a lot of trial and error, I developed the habit of doing a monthly financial review. This is what enables me to confidently manage my finances without having to think about money all the time. In this episode, I explain how you can implement your own monthly financial review. Topics covered include:

  • Habits to set up when implementing a monthly review, including dedicating adequate time (about 4 hours per month) and making a detailed checklist or task list to use.
  • Key questions to consider when designing your monthly financial review system, such as whether to use an online finance app or one that runs on your own computer.
  • Stages of the monthly financial review to implement: downloading finance data, cleaning data, inputting data, reconciling, and analysis (budget, investments, and net worth calculation)

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  1. What a great surprise! I make a monthly financial review like yours, with a lot of things in common, for example, I download the data and order them by myself, with the help of Excel. However, I don´t check every expense we do during the month. And, since I have a Permanent Portfolio, I´ve found very useful to have a check list of every task, avoiding with it going forward and backward.


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