The Voluntary Life: 228 Making Sense Of Civilization

30 November 2015

228 Making Sense Of Civilization

This episode shares some fascinating ideas about how to understand culture, identity and civilization. The historian Steve Davies argues that rather than being at the end of a long story of "western civilization", we are at the beginning of something radically new, unplanned and totally alien to the historical cultures of both the "West" and everywhere else before circa 1800. I've summarised these ideas in the podcast, but I also recommend that you watch the thought-provoking lecture by Steve Davies.

Show Notes:
Stephen Davies on Western Civilisation
The Rational Optimist by Matt Ridley

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  1. When I mentioned Martin Luther King Jr. to my daughter she asked, "does he have a podcast?" Maybe we do have more in common with each other than our ancestors of years gone past.


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