The Voluntary Life: December 2015

28 December 2015

231 Liberty Entrepreneurs Interview: Financial Freedom and Exiting the Rat Race

I was recently interviewed by Ashe from the Liberty Entrepreneurs podcast about starting a business, selling a business, and financial independence.  We talked about my background, becoming an entrepreneur, selling a company, and life afterwards. In this episode, you can hear about the people and books that have influenced me, and some hacks and suggestions for anyone interested in starting a business.

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16 December 2015

230 How I Crowdsourced Feedback on my New Book, "Job Free"

My new book,  Job Free: Four Ways to Quit the Rat Race and Achieve Financial Freedom on Your Termsis now available. I had an amazing experience getting feedback during the writing of this book. 165 people agreed to be beta readers during development. I received edited versions of the manuscript (with detailed comments) back from 85 people. That's a lot of feedback!

This episode is about the process of crowdsourcing feedback, using the example of my experience writing Job Free. I describe the workflows, tools and benefits of crowdsourcing feedback. I also tell you all about my new book, and explain how it can help you achieve real freedom in your own life.

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12 December 2015

229 Travel and Life on Bitcoin: Interview with Tuur and Becca

In this episode, Tuur and Becca talk about life as perpetual travellers, living on bitcoin. They describe how they got interested in bitcoin and how it has become an integral part of their international lifestyle. They also explain how they cope with the roller-coaster volatility of living from bitcoin.

Tuur was one of the first investment newsletter writers to recommend bitcoin.  He describes his own journey in the industry, and shares his thoughts about where bitcoin is headed.

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