The Voluntary Life: 238 Zero Data

6 March 2016

238 Zero Data

This week’s episode is about how I implemented Zero Data: having all my data in the cloud. This has been an essential part of adopting a digital nomad lifestyle but is also relevant for anyone who wants a more minimalist, clutter-free life.

I digitised any kind of data that could be digitised, such as music, movies, photos, books, and documents. Once digital, I moved all my data into cloud storage of one kind or another. Then I got rid of all data clutter that was part of my stuff. I got rid of all my CDs, DVDs, Photos, spare computers, etc. Now all my data lives in the cloud.

In the episode, I explain how I implemented a zero data system, and I outline some of the key issues to address. These include privacy (encryption), backup, redundancy, and sync vs archive.

Show Notes:

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