The Voluntary Life: 249 How I Carry My 600-Book Library In Hand Luggage

7 June 2016

249 How I Carry My 600-Book Library In Hand Luggage

If you are interested in minimalism or a travel-oriented lifestyle, moving to a digital-only book library is a great benefit. Even if you don't plan to travel, switching to e-books has a ton of other advantages over maintaining paper books. This episode is all about the tools and techniques for managing an e-book library, including:

  • Making the transition from a physical to a digital library. 
  • Choosing a database application for managing e-books. 
  • Organising an e-book library with tags and other metadata. 
  • Having a system for keeping your own notes about books. 

Show Notes:
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  1. Interesting podcast, thank you.

    May I ask, however, why you chose to store your e-library in Calibre and not in Evernote?

    1. Calibre is optimised for managing e-books, so it has many handy features like downloading meta-data, syncing your books with e-readers etc. Evernote is optimised for handling notes- even though you could dump e-book files into it, it would be inconvenient and lack the features of calibre.

  2. App to listen to books while you walk called voice stream or voice dream? Thanks! MRL

  3. Hi Jake, I really enjoy your podcasts. Would appreciate of you could do an episode about how you and other digital nomads deal with health insurance.
    Paul - South Africa


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