The Voluntary Life: August 2016

28 August 2016

259 Breaking Limits In Business And Life (The Limit Breaker Interview)

Earlier this year, I was interviewed on The Limit Breaker podcast. Fumnanya, the host of the show, asked me lots of interesting questions on the topic of breaking limits in business and life. We talked about my influences, founding and selling a business, the path to a job free life, and much more.

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21 August 2016

258 Getting Started With Productivity Systems (Valiant Growth Interview)

This week's episode is all about getting started with productivity systems. It is an interview that I did recently on the Valiant Growth podcast.  A lot of people want to start using productivity tools and systems, but feel overwhelmed by all the options, jargon, and complexity. This episode will give you clear pointers about how to start simple and achieve massive improvements to your productivity.

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14 August 2016

257 How To Rock The Someday Maybe List

This week's episode is about one of my favourite productivity techniques: the Someday Maybe List. It is an idea from David Allen's book, Getting Things Done. Many people focus on other aspects of GTD and ignore this particular idea, but I love it. In the episode, I make suggestions about how to get the most out of a kick-ass someday maybe list. Topics covered include:

  • The Purpose of Someday Maybe List
  • The benefits of managing your list in Evernote
  • How tagging, sorting, images, and other Evernote features can make your Someday Maybe List more inspiring and useful.

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6 August 2016

256 Perpetual Travel With Kids Part 2: Interview With Mike And Lauren

Youtube presenters Mike and Lauren are back on this week's episode to talk about travel with kids. We also catch up about all the things that they have been up to since I last spoke to them back in Episode 164. Their adventures include having a baby in Costa Rica, buying an RV, transitioning to life on the road, and planning to buy a barge to live on in Europe!

Show Notes:

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