The Voluntary Life: 281 Listener Feedback on Peaceful Parenting

24 February 2017

281 Listener Feedback on Peaceful Parenting

In this episode, I respond to listener feedback about peaceful parenting. Some of the topics covered include:

  • Is spanking justified?
  • What about minor kinds of aggression in parenting, such as confiscating possessions?
  • One listener's experience of practicing peaceful parenting for 18 years.
  • How come I argue against the use of psychotropic drugs on children?

Show Notes:
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1 comment:

  1. This was really thought provoking. Thanks for responding. In particularly your comments about finding alternative, non-violent approaches to parenting and not e.g. sending children to their room or confiscating toys was interesting.

    It sounds like what you're really opposed to is not aggression per se, but the assertion of authority rather than the use of reasoning or other non-forceful means of inducing good behavior in children. As a thought experiment, lets consider the case of a diabetic child who wants ice cream but is denied the right to eat ice cream by their parents. The parents could try to reason with the child but failing this it seems the only remaining recourse for them is to assert their authority and physically deny the child from access to the ice cream, again a mild form of violence.

    So my question is, if reasoning with children fails, what option remains for a parent other than to assert their authority in the best interests of the child?


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