The Voluntary Life: 284 What The Founder Shows About Entrepreneurship

19 March 2017

284 What The Founder Shows About Entrepreneurship

It is not often that Hollywood makes movies which explore real business challenges. The Founder is a movie about how Ray Kroc created a global restaurant franchise from a small business started by the MacDonald brothers. This podcast episode is about what entrepreneurs can learn from the ideas shown in the movie.

Show Notes:
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  1. Thanks, Jake for the movie recommendation!
    For me it was interesting to remind myself once more that big successes don't happen overnight. They are an intersection of different characters and everyone involved leaves their mark.
    It's questionable if the McDonald brothers would have taken McDonalds to where it is today. But they seemed so progressive for their time. I can't help but sympathize with them.
    In the movie it's presented that their original franchise agent didn't do a great job. But in reality he had a heart attack. Dick McDonald said in an interview in 1992 that if he hadn’t, Kroc would likely still be selling milkshake machines.
    I am still meditating on the idea what is fair and if there's fairness in business.


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