The Voluntary Life: April 2017

24 April 2017

289 Managing Your Productivity System (Valiant Growth Interview)

This weeks episode is about how to manage your own productivity system for getting things done. It comes from an interview that I did a while ago on the Valiant Growth podcast. In the interview, I talk about various techniques for managing your own productivity system, including:
  • The different components of a productivity system
  • Undertaking regular reviews
  • Choosing between different productivity tools, such a task-management apps and paper-based systems.
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16 April 2017

288 A Listener Question About Working Hard And Missing Out On Life Experiences

This week's episode is a response to this listener question:

"From what I gather, for much of your 20s and 30s you worked very hard on building your business and for long hours each day. It has clearly paid off for you, as you've sold the business and enjoyed many years of financial independence. But is this something you'd recommend for younger people? What's the best way of thinking about the work/life balance at that stage of life? I find myself thinking, what if I worked extremely hard for many years and died in a freak accident before I'd got to have significant life experiences? It may seem like pessimism, but to focus almost entirely on ones work must require some delayed gratification, unless your truly love your work. Similar issues are involved with extreme saving. I thought you might have some good insights about the sort of questions to ask yourself to get a better understanding of how to approach this."

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9 April 2017

287 Freedom Surfer: Interview With Simon On Location Independent Business And Lifestyle

Simon writes for digital nomads, perpetual travellers, and location independent entrepreneurs on his blog Freedom Surfer. In this interview, he talks about his own journey to location independence and his thoughts on the pros and cons of this lifestyle. He explains how he tackles the practical challenges of perpetual travel, such as business formation, banking, and taxation.

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2 April 2017

286 Wireless Life: Interview with Sebastian Kühn on running a location-indenpenent business

In this week's episode, my guest Sebastian Kühn talks about the benefits and challenges of running a location-independent business. He shares his own experiences setting up businesses in Hong Kong and Estonia, as well as his thoughts on the Estonian E-Residency program. Sebastian Kühn is a the author of a website for digital nomads called Wireless Life.

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