The Voluntary Life: June 2017

26 June 2017

296 No One Is Coming To Save You

This week's episode is a response to this listener email:
"I've been a long term listener, but honestly I'm having a difficult time [seeing why I should be] a paid subscriber. I listen to several podcasts and a similar characteristic seems to be FI and hosts who are millionaires. Provide real value for those who don't enjoy that status and the money will come. There's too many of us who want to be financially independent but don't have a system to get there. Figure out a way to teach the methods and you'll never have to ask for donations."

The Voluntary Life now has a Patreon page! In the first week of TVL on Patreon, my patrons have received:
  • The first exclusive patron podcast episode (How To Sort Your Life Out Part 2)
  • An Evernote template for Areas of Responsibility from my own productivity system
  • Behind-the-scenes information about the running costs of the podcast
  • Three e-books by Jake
  • And lots more!
Become a Patron today to get all these goodies and more to come, including this week's patron-only episode, "How To Do A Daily Review". 

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19 June 2017

295 How To Sort Your Life Out Part 1 (and Patreon!)

The Areas of Responsibility framework is a very powerful productivity technique for sorting your life out. It helps me answer questions such as:
  • What am I doing with my life, and why?
  • Is what I am doing right now a good use of my time?
  • What should I devote my efforts to in order to build the life I want?
In this episode I introduce Areas of Responsibility and explain how to start implementing them.

I've also got some big developments to tell you about. I want to completely upgrade The Voluntary Life, provide a whole new range of bonus content, and enable new ways for you to connect with me and other supporting listeners. Please help me by becoming a patron of the show and supporting me with a monthly amount of your choosing, through Patreon. Sign up and get your bonuses now at The first bonus episode has already been recorded and it goes deeper into the same theme as this one, as Part 2 of How To Sort Your Life out.

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9 June 2017

Special Announcement: Keynote Presentation At The Freecoast Festival

I will be giving the keynote presentation at the Freecoast Festival on the 9th September 2017 in beautiful Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The festival runs from the 8th to 10th September. The theme this year is "Living A Voluntary Life"— so the topics will be highly relevant for TVL listeners.

Both my wife Hannah and I will be giving presentations on Saturday 9th September. My keynote will take place on a catered cruise on a special cruise boat— so if you want to hear it, get a ticket for the cruise as well as the general admission. If you get a ticket before the end of June and use the promo code "Jake", you will get a free Freecoast T-Shirt too, with the logo shown below.

6 June 2017

294 The Five Laws Of Stupidity

"Non-stupid people always underestimate the damaging power of stupid individuals. In particular non-stupid people constantly forget that at all times and places and under any circumstances to deal and/or associate with stupid people always turns out to be a costly mistake."
Carlo Cipolla

In the 1970s, an economic historian called Carlo Cipolla wrote a provocative article titled "The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity". This week's episode is about his theory of the destructiveness of stupid behaviour and why it is so underestimated and misunderstood.

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