The Voluntary Life: 295 How To Sort Your Life Out Part 1 (and Patreon!)

19 June 2017

295 How To Sort Your Life Out Part 1 (and Patreon!)

The Areas of Responsibility framework is a very powerful productivity technique for sorting your life out. It helps me answer questions such as:
  • What am I doing with my life, and why?
  • Is what I am doing right now a good use of my time?
  • What should I devote my efforts to in order to build the life I want?
In this episode I introduce Areas of Responsibility and explain how to start implementing them.

I've also got some big developments to tell you about. I want to completely upgrade The Voluntary Life, provide a whole new range of bonus content, and enable new ways for you to connect with me and other supporting listeners. Please help me by becoming a patron of the show and supporting me with a monthly amount of your choosing, through Patreon. Sign up and get your bonuses now at The first bonus episode has already been recorded and it goes deeper into the same theme as this one, as Part 2 of How To Sort Your Life out.

Show Notes:
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1 comment:

  1. Hi Jake!

    I have been hearing a lot about GTD on your podcast. But I never really took the time to set it up and give it a go. Until this episode!

    I happened to have 10 days off with nothing planned in between different phases of my life. The perfect opportunity arose to set up and 'test drive' my personal productivity system.

    You have provided enough information for anyone to start. I only want to share a few unexpected benefits I got from GTD:
    1. I have much more peace of mind. I feel I am on top of my life and work projects.
    2. It's much easier to say No to requests. Previously I would give my time much more generously until I felt overwhelmed with all the activities I was committing to.
    3. Now that I have a clean slate, I feel much more motivated to work on my few chosen top-priority Life projects. I focus on the next action is and I don't feel discouraged that the end goal is so far.

    I would highly recommend GTD and would encourage everyone to give it a go!


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