The Voluntary Life: August 2017

25 August 2017

304 Passive Investing with Index Funds

This episode answers questions from TVL listeners on the topic of investing in stocks. It provides an introduction to low-cost, passive investing with index funds. When choosing investment funds, a key issue for passive investors is the expense ratio. This episode explains the huge difference between average expense ratios and those of low-cost funds.
I am not a financial advisor. This episode is about what I've learned as an individual investor but, as always, you will need to do your own research.
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18 August 2017

303 The Weekly Review For Productivity

This week's episode is about suggestions for implementing a weekly review for productivity. It is a conversation from the patron-only livestream that I do with supporting listeners every month. You will find it helpful if you are interested in implementing or upgrading your own weekly review habit.
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10 August 2017

302 Against Therapy

This week's episode is a discussion with Hannah Braime about a very interesting book called Against Therapy by Jeffrey Masson. We recorded this for the Psychology Book Club Podcast. I'm including it on The Voluntary Life because it is highly relevant to everyone interested in self-knowledge and psychological freedom.
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2 August 2017

301 How Old Are Entrepreneurs?

This week's episode is about some very interesting data on the average age of entrepreneurs when they start their first business. You might find the results surprising...
The research cited is the Kauffman Foundation study in the US and the Sandler Training study in the UK.

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