The Voluntary Life: September 2017

26 September 2017

307 Five Ways To Live The Voluntary Life

Jake's speech at the Freecoast Festival 2017, presenting five ways to live the voluntary life:
  1. Rational Thinking
  2. Personal Freedom
  3. Peaceful Parenting
  4. Financial Independence
  5. Internationalisation
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19 September 2017

306 New Hampshire: Our Adventure Continues

Jake and Hannah talk about travelling from Catalonia to New Hampshire, USA. The discussion covers adapting to a travel lifestyle with a baby, the challenges of minimalism and intercontinental travel, differences between Catalonia and New England as expat locations, and many more topics!

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1 September 2017

305 What Is Forgiveness?

What does forgiveness mean? What is it for? Should you forgive others in order to be free? Or is the idea of forgiveness a trap? Check out the episode to find out more!

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