The Voluntary Life: The Voluntary City Part 2: Voluntary Land Use Planning

23 July 2011

The Voluntary City Part 2: Voluntary Land Use Planning

Part 2 of a series about the potential for voluntary, free market solutions to urban planning problems. In this episode we discuss the potential for voluntary land use planning. The discussion is based around ideas presented in the book The Voluntary City: Choice, Community, and Civil Society edited by David T Beito, Peter Gordon and Alexander Tabarrok. Special guests in this episode are Peter Gordon (co-editor of The Voluntary City) and Adam, Stephen and Emily, who are the authors of the blog Market Urbanism.
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  1. It seems a bit absurd to compare shopping malls or "gated communities" to more public planning -- they happen in very restricted contexts, have a very focused purpose, and can respond to anybody who objects by just saying "go away." A big part of the difficulty of planning, after all, is the need to cater to many disparate interests, and these very narrowly focused sorts of private development simply do not need to deal with that for the most part.

    Instead, maybe look at the areas developed by private rail companies around Tokyo.


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