The Voluntary Life: The Fear of Freedom by Eric Fromm

14 November 2011

The Fear of Freedom by Eric Fromm

This episode explores the topic of psychological barriers to personal and political freedom. It is a discussion of the ideas in Eric Fromm's book "The Fear of Freedom" (also published under the title "Escape from Freedom"). Podcast Episode


  1. Fromm also wrote a very good book called "To Have or to Be". I would recommend it for any libertarian.

  2. Rather than "repeating" as a primary description of the abstraction "fear of freedom", I think it's necessary to describe this fear through the nuts & bolts of the human psyche or "internal system"...

    An understanding of the real mechanisms at work, that very abstractly end up with most people "fearing freedom" in different ways, I think is only possible through these concepts:

    Subconscious Passive Protection:
    Dissociation --> "Repressing Original Trauma"

    Subconscious Active Protection:
    Introjection & Projection --> "Repeating Traumatic Relationships"

    I think these two categories are corollaries (but easily confused); and both are needed to form a more empirical etiology of "The Fear of Freedom"

    Thanks for the review!


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