The Voluntary Life: 98 Entrepreneurship Part 15: Scaling Your Business

25 February 2013

98 Entrepreneurship Part 15: Scaling Your Business

An episode on how to scale and optimise your business to make more profit and enhance your competitive advantage. The issues covered include:
  • Standardisation: making one version of what you do
  • Proceduralisation: making one version of how you do it
  • Optimisation: speeding up and automating your procedures
  • Knowledge Capture: maintaining and growing your operation within the context of staff coming and going
  • Optimising at the level of the whole business: only doing the things that it makes sense to do


  1. Jake, I found this the most useful of your podcasts so far.

    I have a struggling web business that has been hobbling along for five years, and need to move it forwards. I know and understand each of the points that you made in this podcast, but I needed someone to put them all together so that they can be acted on. Thanks!


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