The Voluntary Life: 119 How To Develop Your Wealth Plan: An Interview With Todd Tressider

31 July 2013

119 How To Develop Your Wealth Plan: An Interview With Todd Tressider

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This episode is an interview with Todd Tressider, founder of Todd founded Financial Mentor to educate business owners and investors about the wealth building principles he learned from years as an entrepreneur in the investment management industry. In the interview, Todd outlines his definition of financial freedom and discusses the hurdles you need to overcome if you want to achieve it. He talks about the importance of developing your own wealth plan and identifies some of the key requirements necessary for your plan to be successful. As always regarding investment, do your own research. I am not a financial advisor.

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  1. hi Jake, thanks for the interview. I find it always inspiring to listen to your work. When trying to donate btc I was unable to scan the key. Did anyone else succeed in scanning it? Or is something broken on my side?

    1. Hi Marc, I just got a BTC donation, so if that was you then thank you so much! I really appreciate it. I did test the QR code when I set it up and since I just got a donation I presume it worked for you, but if you did encounter more problems with the QR code please let me know.

    2. That's great to hear :) I indeed donated via copying the key. I just discovered it was on my side that the scanning didn't work as it doesn't work elsewhere either.

  2. Great podcast, really some great advices from Todd and questions from Jake.


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