The Voluntary Life: 137 Open-Source Money: All About Bitcoin With Stephanie Murphy

20 December 2013

137 Open-Source Money: All About Bitcoin With Stephanie Murphy

Episode 137

An interview with Stephanie Murphy looking in-depth at Bitcoin. Stephanie is co-host of the Let's Talk Bitcoin podcast. Topics covered in the interview include:
  • An overview of what has happened to Bitcoin in 2013
  • Bitcoin as open-source money
  • Does it matter that Bitcoin is "not backed by anything"?
  • Deflationary currency: are people "hoarding" bitcoins, or simply "saving" with them?
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Show Notes:

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  1. Jake, that's some pretty solid advice... I'll start buying small amounts on a regular basis definitely.

    I also appreciate how you look at bitcoin as a way to make the world better rather than an investment opportunity. Travelling in South America, I could really use an open source currency to avoid having to pay some ridiculous bank fees. I just paid almost a hundred bucks for fees in December only, which includes some yearly fees too, but still, it's a joke.

    Thanks again for the great info!

  2. Thanks Zsolt! I think you are talking about my comment that if you want to own bitcoin but are concerned about the volatility, you could reduce volatility by "dollar cost averaging" in small purchases over time. I know you know this, but here is an obvious disclaimer for others- I am not an advisor and that is not advice. It's up to each person themselves what they do with their money- the podcast is just sharing personal views based on what we would do *if* that is your goal.


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