The Voluntary Life: 252 Adapting To Big Changes (Featuring Hannah Braime)

6 July 2016

252 Adapting To Big Changes (Featuring Hannah Braime)

Last summer, back in episode 271, my wife Hannah and I spoke about the beginning of our adventure moving to Panama.  In this week's episode Hannah is back, and we talk about a lot of big changes that have happened since then! The episode provides an insight into our story, but it also touches on many themes important to The Voluntary Life. We discuss travel, minimalism, and adapting to big changes in life.

Show Notes:

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  1. Great news, and thanks for the candor on the decision making process - very interesting to hear.

  2. Great podcast as always! We have small children and travelled a lot before they were born. Traveling decreased a little once they were born but we still averaged around 2 international trips per year when they were under 2. Once they reached 2 years old travelling became really easy and we started traveling more frequently again.

    Our children haven't started school yet so that may make things a little more complicated. That said I don't think having children generally should prevent you from living he life you want to live. Children are very adaptable and will grow up to enjoy the things you expose them to when they're young so I think taking them traveling is actually a really good thing. It's definitely possible to find a balance between providing them with a rich and loving environment and still living the life you want to live.


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