The Voluntary Life: 283 Minimalism and Parenting (Featuring Hannah Braime)

9 March 2017

283 Minimalism and Parenting (Featuring Hannah Braime)

Does becoming a parent mean giving up a minimalist lifestyle? In this episode Hannah and I discuss our experience of minimalism and parenting. Some of the topics covered include:

  • Baby-wearing as an alternative to prams
  • Co-sleeping as an alternative to cots
  • Breastfeeding and baby-led weaning as alternative to bottle feeding and baby foods
  • Buying second-hand stuff for babies
  • How attachment parenting and respectful parenting fit in with minimalism

Show Notes:

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  1. Hi Jake and Hannah! I really appreciated this episode and it is nice to hear you discussing topics that me and my better half are thinking about right now. Me and my better half are perpetual travelers and minimalists, we sold all of our stuff back in 2015 and now we're only travelling with carry on luggage, and we're about to start trying to become three in our family. We have also come to the conclusion that a pram is really not needed and we're positive that only a carrier and/or a baby sling is needed. Thank you for a nice podcast!

  2. I'm loving the parenting episodes. Very thoughtful discussion and wonderful tips. I desperately need to minimize my possessions. It's a constant struggle with shopaholic gift-giving relatives who do not respect boundaries. Nothing seems to stop them, less than completely severing the relationship. Drives me nuts! Needless to say, the values and rationality you both express are music to my ears. I just love this. Your daughter is going to have such a wonderful life!


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